Why Should You Drink Protein Shakes?

People have always said that a well-balanced, nutritious diet is enough to keep a healthy lifestyle. However, these days it is a fact that protein shakes are changing the way we eat so that we can get healthier. What people do not know is the reason why drinking these protein healthy shakes can be an excellent alternative … Continue reading

July 11, 2018 Articles

Animal Protein Vs Plant Protein: Do We Have to Choose?

By Kedist Tedla — August 24, 2016 Nowadays, people are becoming nutrition savvy and choosing healthier foods. Particularly in the Western world, the quest for the ideal weight-loss-diet is driving the popularity of a high-protein/low carbohydrate lifestyle. The importance of protein for muscle-building and cell functions was discovered in the 1830’s [1], but there is … Continue reading

February 9, 2017 Articles

What Is Personalized Medicine?

It’s changing the world of healthcare. What you need to know about the movement fueled by genomic testing and tailored treatment. By Dawn McMullan, Photographs by Adam Voorhes. Kendall Morgan contributed to this report. You go to your doctor with your symptoms, and you get an evaluation, maybe have a few tests run. If you are lucky, you’re on … Continue reading

February 9, 2017 Articles