nutritein - plant based protein powder

Nutritein – Plant based protein powder

Only the best and purest from mother nature

  • A 100% plant-based source of high quality protein.
  • A healthy alternative to high fat animal protein.
  • A convenient way to replenish your body’s protein regularly.
  • A source of high dietary fibers for healthy gut.
  • Contains β-glucan to help regulate blood cholesterol and glucose.

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The Power of Soy

Most complete amino acid plant protein that’s good for health and skin, obesity, cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes, menopause and osteoporosis conditions.

Oat Bran from Sweden

A natural superfood which helps to regulate cholesterol and provides amino acids necessary for protein synthesis. It is also a source of protein.

Floracia from France

Unique blend of natural fibers with proven prebiotic effects for a healthy gut. An innovative combination with acacia gum & fructo-oligosaccharides.