100% Unique

Nutrigenomics Intervention Strategy

Various factors such as sex, age, genetics, lifestyle, dietary habits and personal health have an impact on the individual requirements of micronutrients.  Everyone is unique and no two persons have the same genetic make-up, therefore your supplements should be personalized to exactly what you need.

Your Genes Are One-Of-A-Kind, So Should Be Your Supplements

GeneCheck works with Asia’s leading compound pharmacy to create customized supplements based on your genetic report.  The compounding process to compress various micronutrients into convenient formulations, attention to detail, regulatory compliance, and the quality of the ingredients are what makes our personalized supplements exceptional.

  • Personalized according to your genetic report
  • Ingredients sourced from trusted industry leaders in North America, Europe and Asia
  • All ingredients used are USA Pharmacoepeia and British Pharmacoepeia compliant
  • Natural extract suppliers practise eco-farming by using solar panels and recycled rain water at their farms
  • Highest efficacy and bioavailability due to the absence of high dosage of preservatives that are in most ready made supplements
  • Freshly made with the purest micronutrients
  • Easy and convenient dosing

Personalized Supplements can only be prescribed once a genetic test is done.