100% Plant Based

Cholesterol-free protein powder

Nutritein PLANT PROTEIN POWDER is a healthy alternative to traditional sources of protein such as meat, cheese, egg and milk. Proteins are formed by amino acids. They are the major structural component of muscle and other tissues in the body, and are also important for hormones, enzymes and hemoglobin production. There is increasing evidence that consuming protein from plant instead of animal maybe one of the reasons why vegetarians generally have a lower risk of overweight, obesity and chronic disease. Compared to protein foods of animal origin, protein foods of plant origin are lower in saturated fat, free of cholesterol, higher in dietary fibre and are better source of antioxidants and phytochemicals, all of which may contribute to a reduced disease risk.

An Easy Way To Get The Protein You Need

  • Healthy alternative to high fat cholesterol-contained animal protein. It is a convenient way to replenish your body’s protein regularly.
  • High in dietary fibre mainly contributed by Floracia™ and Oat Bran Powder. Oat Bran Powder contains β-glucan, a type of soluble fibre which can help to reduce blood cholesterol and blood glucose.

A Hunger Satisfying Plant-Based Meal Replacement to Fuel Your Busy Active Lifestyle

nutritein icon - body tissue

Helps to build & repair body tissues

nutritein icon - satiety

Promotes satiety

nutritein icon - cholesterol

Regulates blood cholesterol

nutritein icon - energy

Provides longer lasting energy

nutritein icon - weight

Aids in weight management

nutritein icon - bone

Supports bone health

nutritein icon - intestinal

Maintains good intestinal environment

nutritein icon - muscle

Counteracts the onset of sarcopenia

Firms & enhances skin complexion
Enables hair to be lustrous
Builds stronger nails
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Promotes bowel regularity

Formulated With Ingredients From Natural Sources!

  • No GMO ingredients
  • No animal-derived ingredients
  • No dairy ingredients
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial colouring
  • No artificial flavoring

What Is Isomaltulose?

Isomaltulose is a slow release carbohydrate because it takes longer time to be broken down and taken up by the body. Although it provides the same amount of energy as the other carbohydrates do, this energy is released much slower and not all at once, providing energy in a more balanced way.

What Is Floracia™?

Floracia™, the innovative combination that brings up a higher prebiotic effect compared to Fructo-Oligosaccharides (FOS) or Acacia gum alone. Unlike most other dietary fibres, Floracia™ not only promotes optimal intestinal function but also acts as prebiotic.

Floracia™ provides an exclusive synergistic effect on the healthy gut microflora. Without being hydrolysed or absorbed by the human
digestive system, Floracia™ is fermented selectively by the beneficial intestinal
microflora. FOS is fermented quickly, mostly in the ascending colon whereas Acacia gum is slowly distributed and fermented all along the colon due to its high molecular weight and complex branched structure. Acacia gum is complementary to FOS, ensuring improved microflora balance throughout the colon.

Who Can Take This Product?

people with active physical activities
senior adults
health conscious individuals
weight watchers