GeneCheck’s health and wellness genetic tests are among the most comprehensive in the world and they include relevant and correlated genetic biomarkers that have been carefully selected to give accurate results. These biomarkers are associated with risks for diseases, disorders, conditions or traits.  The value added service that we provide is our bespoke genetic intervention program to give you the most effective personal wellness strategy to optimize your well-being. 

GeneCheck’s genetic tests empower people to understand their family history of diseases, learn about future potential disease risks and get acquainted with their personal wellness traits to help them make informed, healthy lifestyle choices through our 3Ps Wellness Solution which gives your body what it needs precisely in a personalised manner for better preventive healthcare.  No trial and error!

Benefits Of GeneCheck Genetic Tests:

  • Detect a disease at an early stage, when it is most treatable.
  • Know what diet and supplements your body precisely requires to function optimally, thereby eliminating unnecessary expenditure on non-beneficial products.
  • Improves energy level for peak performance.
  • Provides pertinent information relating to skin health for anti-aging intervention solutions that work.
  • Make informed lifestyle and fitness choices according to genetic expression.
  • Effective and sustainable obesity management solutions.
  • Utilize the insights from your test results to proactively achieve excellent wellness
  • Empowers you with knowledge of your unique body to confidently live your life with peace of mind and save you from massive medical costs.

Did You Know That …

  • 30% of people die due to premature heart disease, stroke or diabetes before they reach their 60thbirthday
  • 80% of these deaths can actually be prevented

*based on World Health Organization 2014 statistics

Be in control of your health and wellness.  Find out what is the GeneCheck difference below.

GeneCheck is the leading wellness solutions provider because we have a panel of experienced and medically qualified Genetic Wellness Consultants to analyze the test results and come out with a personalized, precise and preventive wellness strategy for you.  We take out the guesswork so that you will thoroughly benefit from the knowledge of your genetic tests to maximize your wellness and disease prevential potential.

GeneCheck’s Bespoke Genetic Intervention Program

Our bespoke genetic intervention program is designed based on the 7 Pillars of Wellness to maximize your wellness and disease prevention potential backed by science.

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An action plan will be devised looking at the following areas:

Nutrition: Science of Nutrigenomics

A precise and suitable diet and supplements regime for you. Recommended supplements are uniquely compounded just for you based on what your genes need to function optimally to save you money from consuming unnecessary supplements that you may be taking now.

Anti-Aging Solutions

Using nutrigenomics and skin care to tune your genes to achieve the desired skin results you want and to prolong the youth of your complexion so that you will look radiant, glowing and just amazing.


To advise you on lifestyle practices that are beneficial for your physical and mental health, including stress management.


To recommend appropriate fitness programs and the intensity of those exercises in order to ensure peak performance and to provide you with optimum energy levels.

Obesity Management

Our genes play a key role in the regulation of our body fats. Our Genetic Wellness Consultants can identify the genetic causes of obesity and deal with them in the most efficient and scientific manner for sustainable results.  Many people are wasting their money away aimlessly trying out fat loss fads with no sustainable results.

With this comprehensive intervention program, a healthier and fitter you with glowing skin complexion and enhanced energy levels can be achieved.  Your overall wellness will dramatically improve and you can enjoy a much better quality of life!