Maximizing One’s Wellness Potential

Personalized, precise and preventive solutions

Our multidisciplinary team consisting of scientists, physicians, geneticists and wellness gurus have over 100 years of combined experiences in crafting out the most effective and evidence-based preventive healthcare products and services. With our rigorous focus on research and development into the field of nutrigenomics, we are able to offer the best that science can provide today to unbolt the potential of one’s genes by providing a bespoke genetic intervention program for one to live well, feel good and look great!

Our Belief

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure: We firmly believe that prevention is better than cure!  With ’sick care’ cost ever increasing, investing in preventive healthcare is now more important than ever.

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Health Is Wealth: ‘It is health that is real wealth’, said the wise Mahatma Gandhi.  You can have all the money in the world, but if you are not well enough to enjoy your riches, life has no meaning.

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Health Pays Dividends: Investing in preventive healthcare pays health dividends and allows you to save more money eventually.

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Care For Your Health: Caring for your health is the most important investment in life!

3Ps Wellness Solution


A bespoke genetic intervention program covering the areas of nutrition, anti-aging, lifestyle, fitness and obesity management will be designed for you to have a better quality of life with precision.


Everyone’s genetic make-up is unique and no other person would have the same ones as you.  The results from your genetic test will reveal your personal health and wellness DNA blueprint.


Your genetic test results will provide vital information pertaining to your wellness traits and disease risks to enable our experts to prescribe products and services for effective and targetted preventive healthcare.