Why Genes?

Genetic info empowers people to understand their family history of diseases, learn about future potential disease risks and get acquainted with their personal wellness traits.

Genetic Tests

How To Test?

GeneCheck genetic tests are non-invasive and painless done with your saliva sample. You just have to do it once in a lifetime. Get your DNA blueprint now to live well, feel good and look great!

Genetic Tests

What We Offer?

Genetic tests, bespoke genetic intervention programs and products to maximize your wellness and disease prevention potential, based on the 7 Pillars of Wellness.

Genetic Tests

Genetic Test Report Is Not Good Enough!

Most genetic or DNA testing companies only provide you with your test results. Genetic test reports can be over a hundred pages with a plethora of information relating to your DNA and biomarkers that would confuse you more than help you.

This is why at GeneCheck, we take the guessing work away from you and have our qualified medical wellness professionals decipher and analyse all your genetic information to come out with a bespoke genetic intervention program which will give you not just your genetic test report but also a nutrigenomics intervention strategy personalized to your needs. This is the only way to get the best out of your genetic test report!

5Vital Intervention Areas
173Curated Male Genes
7Pillars of Wellness
177Curated Female Genes

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